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Singleplayer, or career mode, takes place in the GRID World Series similar to previous GRID games.[1] In addition to career mode there is Free Play, which allows players to set up custom events and earn XP and money that way as well.

There are 104 events (and 99 additional events from DLC Seasons 1-3), categorized into various disciplines ("threads"):

  • Touring
  • Stock
  • Tuner
  • GT
  • Fernando Alonso Racing
  • Invitational
    • Formula J
    • Prototype
    • Group 7 Specials
  • Street (Season 1)
  • Pro Racing (Season 1)
  • Classic (Season 2)
  • Modern (Season 2)
  • Invitational Favourites (Season 3)
  • Track Day (Season 3)


  • Create a team, hire a teammate
  • No need to win every event: Based on the event, you need to finish in the top half, top three, at least 2nd or otherwise.

References Edit

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