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Welcome to the GRID Wiki

This Wiki is about the racing game GRID, developed by Codemasters, released in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia. GRID is a sequel to the games GRID Autosport and GRID 2 in the GRID racing game series (check out the Race Driver Wikia and GRID 2 Wikia for more information on those).

This Wiki is not maintained by and not officially affiliated with GRID or Codemasters.



You can read all patch notes on the updates page.

Event Date Changelog
Patch 2020-08-12 Patch
Patch 2020-06-02 Patch
Patch 2020-05-11 Post-Season 3 Patch
Patch 2020-04-17 Hotfix
Patch + DLC 2020-04-15 Season 3 DLC
Patch 2020-02-15 Community Update
Patch + DLC 2020-02-12 Season 2 DLC
Patch 2020-01-13 Patch 1.5 (Multiplayer Lobbies)
Patch + DLC 2019-12-04 Patch 1.2 (Season 1 DLC)
Patch 2019-10-29 Patch 1.1
Patch 2019-10-21 Hotfix patch
Release 2019-10-11 Game release
Release 2019-10-08 Early access for Ultimate Edition buyers

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