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The racing game GRID, developed by Codemasters, released on 11th of October 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and PC. GRID is a sequel to the games GRID Autosport and GRID 2 in the GRID racing game series. It shares its name with the first game in the series, Race Driver GRID.

Listed below are general changes, improvements from previous GRID titles and new features.


Two editions of the game are available for purchase:

  • Standard edition (also titled Launch Edition and Day One Edition)
  • Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

The GRID Ultimate Edition includes all of the Season 1-3 DLC and some additional car customizations and perks such as:

Additionally, buyers of the Ultimate Edition have 3 days early access to the game (starting October 8th).


  • Car handling more like in GRID Autosport than GRID 2, based on initial reviews and feedback
  • Nemesis/rival system
  • Wet weather tracks
  • Cockpit view
  • Race lobbies with 16 participants (up from 12 in previous games)
  • Driving assists that can be tuned from 0 (off) to 5 (full on): ABS, ESP, traction control
  • 100 levels with 4 additional "prestige" levels
  • "Race choreographer": Introduces random crashes and spin-outs on AI players
  • Penalty system: Two or more second penalty when cutting corners (affects placement on race end), getting more than 3 penalties results in disqualification from the race


  • Rear view mirror in hood camera view[2]
  • "Racecraft score" points counter that tracks clean sections, time on perfect racing line, drifts etc, this has effect on XP earned (there are no negative scores for bad driving or crashing)
  • Various HUD elements can be toggled on and off individually

Game modes

Currently known game modes include[3]:

  • Racing (circuit and street)
  • Oval Racing (rolling start)
  • Time Trial
  • Time Attack
  • Skirmish (Demolition Derby-like gamemode during multiplayer race setup[4])
  • Hot Lap
  • Endurance (Stadia Exclusive, 40 car grid, 4 classes)

Single player racing takes place in the GRID World Series, similar to previous GRID games.

Several game modes from earlier GRID titles (such as demolition derby, drift and touge) are not present in the new GRID. Drift and demolition derby have been specifically confirmed to not be part of GRID at launch.[5][6]

Split screen local multiplayer racing has been announced for a post-release update[7] but was never released.

Updates beyond Season 3

After the Season 3 DLC release only a few minor patches and car liveries have been released, no further contents or game modes have been announced. On November 16th 2020 a Codemasters community manager stated on the forums, in regards to criticism about an achievement[8]:

I don't work on GRID but I believe no more updates are planned for the game, so unlikely this will change.


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