GRID (2019) Wiki

Player profile

The player profile can be customized with panel, banner and accolade images, which are shown above cars at the start of a race. These are unlocked by completing races and achieving certain goals, e.g. achieve the highest speed, become 1st place, draft the longest etc.


For screenshots of settings pages and advanced graphics settings and other tweaks, please visit PCGamingWiki - GRID (2019).


Volvo 850 with the VIP Motorsport 02 livery in all bronze, showing the different surface effects

There are limited possibilities for changing a car's appearance compared to earlier titles in the GRID series. It is only possible to choose from a selection of liveries and modify their colours. The presets each have areas with various surface effects (matte, metallic, glossy), which are not customizable unlike in previous GRID games. Some liveries, like Heritage 15, can be utilized to create liveries with a uniform colour and surface.

Nissan 350Z with the Heritage 15 livery in white

Liveries are categorized into Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Some cars have limited options for livery customization (for example the Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A (R32)), and on most cars some categories of liveries to chose from are based on their grouping.

Wheel design and size can not be changed.

In preparation for a race you can tune a car's suspension, transmission and break bias settings.